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Our Plan is Simple

Children are encouraged to enjoy process-- making the block tower, drawing the picture, reading the books.

Children are encouraged to learn by doing-- experiment, build, explore, take apart. 

Children are encouraged to think-- set a goal, come up with a plan, carry it out and see what happens next.

Children are encouraged to try- be willing to fail, be strong enough to try again, be proud of success.

Children are encouraged to play-- be imaginative, creative, and spontaneous.    

Care for Children 4wk-5yrs old and we provide all the good stuff!

Having been there as parents, we know that child care is an investment and a commitment so supporting our families is critically important.  We provide all meals and snacks- wholesome foods for Breakfast, Lunch and an Afternoon Snack.  Infants and toddlers have age appropriate meals and snacks, including iron-fortified formula, infant oatmeal cereal and baby food.  As parents introduces different foods, we will do the same!  We also provide diapers in all sizes so there's not carting diaper bags and supplies back and forth.  (We have the wipes, too!)  When our friends move up and on to elementary school, we welcome them back during school breaks and summer vacation.

The Purpose of Oak Valley Kids

Kids.  Plain & Simple.  They are kids and this is an amazing part of their lives where they are learning about "stuff."  How stuff works, what is does and what we can do with it- blocks, dirt, playdough, sticks, flour, rocks, anything that sparks an interest or makes a mess.  They are kids learning to get along with friends and work together. All of this magic happens when they just play together.  As Maria Montessori put it- "PLAY is the primary occupation of children."  All things come from that simple idea.

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We love to have new families pay us a visit.  Call or text 443.616.7921 or leave us a message online.  Contact us and we will be more than happy to set up a tour! 

To keep our children safe, there is no street address online.  It is not published anywhere.  

(Please note the map does NOT accurately show our location, just the general area where Oak Valley Kids is located)     

Oak Valley Kids

Bel Air, Maryland 21014, United States

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Our Hours:

Monday - Friday: 6am-5pm 

Saturday & Sunday: 7am-11pm Drop-In by appointment 

*extended hours available by prior arrangement