Oak Valley Kids

Oak Valley Kids is a place of uncommon learning-

We appreciate and celebrate the uniqueness of each child and everything they bring to us- their culture, their experiences and their differences.  We ASK the kids questions- what they want to do and what they want to know, we follow their interests and questions.  We don’t use a traditional structured curriculum-  each day is different,  Our learning is dirty and messy. We are loud and musical.  We experiment and try.  We fail and try again.  We play and play HARD.

Play is our bedrock, our foundation, and everything grows from there. 

Bev Bos, a pioneer in the learning through play movement, appeared on 20/20 in 1991. The video is dated but her message is as appropriate today as it was 25 years ago.

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Play and learning are blended seamlessly to build a fun and engaging atmosphere.  

Music and Movement is critically important at this young age.  We have weekly sessions with Amy Caris from Can't Wait to Create!!!